The guide; The teacher


A good foundation is a keen.
It instills good traits to our genes.
We read, we write, we learn & we explore.
Educators has always uplifted us little more.
They beat, they heat and sometimes they eat ; the anger.
Their energy was miraculous where they were zade.
But what they’ve made will never ever fade.
Their love was exquisite where their anger was terrific.
Sometimes they made us sad, sometimes we were ecstatically glad.
A ton of thanks to all who made our knowledge and expertise tall.
21st century is the century where innovation of teachers took it toll.
Now we’ve Google , we’ve YouTube and we’ve many more.
Its only lucky us who’ll enrich, evolve and explore.
The values,morals, ethics, and the guidance was so adjacent which was smartly poured in us by only our parents.

“Learn and explore to grow more …








Far from home in an isolated zone.

Felt sick, hungry and alone.

No energy, no food, no friend zone.

All myths of mine are just gone.

I’m not adaptable, I’m weak where my hope and motivation is choked & foregone.

I don’t blame anyone for this bullshit night, because it’s fucking me who doesn’t fight.

I can’t get up, I’ve appetite of food _____, ____&____.

These are not complaints, these are my answers to my behavior and traits.

I failed and failed and failed and failed. 

Backspace is erasing too much because neither I know where I’m struck!!








A glimpse of Mumbai.


Have you heard of downpour?

Indeed! It is raining for the last 48 hours.

Everything halted due this heavy shower.

No communication, No trains, No cars.

Everything is barred due to ruthless water war.

It’s a shore where sea tides are its par.

People are wet when their abodes are far.

Mumbai is crying due to awful water scars.

Hopes seems shattered ahead of this natural war.

Railway stations are sojourn where offices are alike 5 star.

Rain is unstoppable, sea is thirsty, so mobiles are only igniting stars.

Coffee is free so people gulping the full jars.

Public places became the bazars and situation is so bizarre.

Hopes are vibrant expecting the early morning star.







Is it true? 


I never loved your body.

I smelled your odour.

I  never saw your colour.

I just loved your soul.

I was mesmerised by your mind.

Where your heart was unimaginable .

I’m a blind, So the love is.

He uttered..

Beautiful picture courtsey: #akarshchauhan 😄



His love flows indirectly to the boys, but he is the top priority of girls. 

He’s more than Beckham more than  Kohli, he’s only a hero in their rally. 

His shoulders lifts us daily to show us more, he always want us to enjoy and explore. 

He is our biggest inspiration, motivation and a big example.

Nobody is better to him like a god to temple. 

He led to face us during  hard situations so we grow rough and  tuff, to make us tuff, he was very fiery and rough. 

Sometimes he behaved like a stranger when we showed our anger because we were  teenagers. 

 He strived hard  to accomplish our desires and demands no matter the struggles or reached troubles. 

He was our initiation where he gave his best to create a strong foundation. 

He never wants us to get into anything bad because he worked so hard to makeup this strong lad. 

His vigil is always on whether we’re doing nuts or showing our guts. 

When we achieve something he’s very ecstatic but when we loose he’s more energetic. 

He is with us no matter what the heck it is. 

He makes us the one who we become, so we should never ignore our shining sun. 

There are people who don’t get his love but guys hold on, its the almighty who’s making everything run. 

 Many peoples fathers or parents have left the road but don’t worry jewels they’re doing well in god’s abode. 

You’re so strong, you ran alone, you’re a self starter, a self motivator and a self creator. 

Destiny is written by god and we’re just  followers and his supporters.

When we become adults, we hide countless, thinking he’ll turn ruthless. 

Sometimes we make mistakes which reaches his ears where our heart thumps scaring he’ll beat our bums. 

When we confront him we act alike we’re innocent, unaware, scared, silently making prayers. 

He forgoes us so easily throwing our  stress and tension apart, 

He’s more than an author, more than billions of dollars,  just our own “PRECIOUS FATHER”. 




Neither we’re God nor the predictors, 
Neither we know when the demise would arrive us or what gonna be next? 

Is life long or short? Can u answer? 

Nope, we can’t, as it is uncertain. 

The answer to the question was given! 

It was given by “fear of demise” 

The “fear of demise” said, life is so long with countless tomorrow’s. 

So we started living in today! 

The fear of demise shifted to back seat as we headed forward,

As we moved ahead we identified a lot chaos and problems day to day, 

There were fears of losing, humility, stress. 

But still we didn’t give up, 

We headed ahead negotiating and speculating, 

We asked for help whenever we needed, 

Sometimes it worked and when it didn’t we started COMPLAINING, 

We gave up, 

Complaining was so easy option so we made it our partner, 

Instead of doing the work we complained! 

We didn’t know it was a cowardice thing to do but we did, 

On every hard step we complained to god, to friends, to family and sometimes to strangers as well, 

Sometimes through our writings, sometimes through singing, sometimes in frustration, sometimes after intoxication but we did,

We complained about life, love, friends, situations, colleagues and so many but we did, 

From the complaints everything got sorted. 

Sometimes problem got solved, sometimes things turned  bizarre​, sometimes settled for time being, but never found the solace, 

Why no solace? Is it because we were complainers? Instead of doing work we took the path of complaining? Or What is it? 

I think it started from complaints and i too believe if we’ll solve the thing ourselves instead of complaining it’ll give us experiences and many more but the main “The solace”. 


Are you Drunk/Stoned?




Once a non-dopey person asked, what happens when a person gets high that he/she lose his senses!

Alcohol’s scientific reasons: After you drink alcohol and it enters your body, the alcohol is absorbed into the blood via the stomach and the small intestine. The effects of this can be felt about 10 minutes after first drinking it.

The effects will then become fully apparent after around 30-90 minutes and will then be carried throughout all the organs in the body. The majority of breaking down alcohol from an intoxicant to water and carbon dioxide is performed by our liver, with the small amount left over being excreted by the lungs, which is why alcohol breath tests work, through the kidneys and also through sweating. The majority of breaking down alcohol from an intoxicant to water and carbon dioxide is performed by our liver, with the small amount left over being excreted by the lungs, which is why alcohol breath tests work, through the kidneys and also through sweating. Our liver can only do so much, which means it can only normally break down around one standard unit of alcohol per hour.

Even vomiting helps to throw out when it gets excessive, The body wants to remove the alcohol, but the alcohol remains in your system and irritates the stomach lining, so you vomit up bile instead. Vomiting bile after drinking alcohol may also be a sign that the body simply has a low tolerance for alcohol.

The feeling of being drunk actually comes when our blood alcohol concentration rises which happens when we’re drinking more alcohol than our liver can break down. Some people may find that they can drink more than others and feel less of an effect, this is due to a number of factors, including body type, how recently the person has eaten, how quickly alcohol is consumed, age, sex and how often alcohol is drunk by a person.




Smoke/scientific reasons: Marijuana/Weed plants produce chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Our brain is made up of neurons and neural circuits. Neurons are long, dangly cells that like to keep their distance from each other. To bridge the gap, chemicals called neurotransmitters deliver messages by traveling from one neuron to another and attaching onto molecules called receptors. And guess what? There’s a special kind of neurotransmitter called an endocannabinoid. Yep, your body makes its own version of weed (sort of).

“When we experience pain, inflammation, or stress—or have issues related to fear or mood—our body releases endocannabinoids, which go to our endocannabinoid system and help get rid of those unwanted sensations, Since the cannabinoids in marijuana look and act the same as the kind your body makes, they’re able to slip by and latch onto the cannabinoid receptors in your brain. There are two types (that researchers know of): CB1~ which are mostly located in areas of the brain that are associated with learning, memory, reward, anxiety, pain, and movement control, and CB2~ which is associated with the immune system. The cannabinoids throw your usual system out of whack, boosting certain signals and interfering with others. Which is why marijuana’s effects can range from a feeling of relaxation and pain relief to clumsiness, anxiety (or lack thereof), and even the munchies.


When I was not used to alcohol and weed I used to think how’s it possible? How a normal person sitting next to me would turn such after doing intoxications. Then I did a little research about it and done practically too. Different the intoxicant different the trip or affect. When I drink I feel numb and body feels like doing anything is possible. The mind becomes pro-active and sometimes when gets higher then I speak continuously without any stop, without caring another thing. Whatever comes in minds directly gets spoken. When it is limited then its enjoyable but when gets excessive then a spoiler. Because most of the time you would be vomiting and doing new sense.

Weed’s trip is completely different from alcohol, In the weed’s trip, we completely get focused towards one thing. e.g. If you’re listening to music you can easily realize the beats of drums, the tune of guitar and focus on each and every instrument briskly. If you’re going through stairs after smoking weed then you’ll find, why aren’t they ending, usually they weren’t this long. If you start laughing then you uncontrollably go laughing. You become hungry and eats like an insane. It gives complete relaxation as well as sometimes we shut our mouth enjoying the silence and heading towards our own world.

Recently one funky incident happened with me while I was drunk.

I was in a beer bar with a couple of my friends. We were drinking beer there. Took three beer pitchers( 1500ml ), I drank from last two only but later we realized we aren’t satisfied yet and asked for one more pitcher but they said they aren’t allowed to sell after mid night. We called our friends and got to know about the wine shop which remains open illegally. Then we booked one Uber drove to one wine shop, Took three bottles there and came back and sat on the road for drinking. It was near to my residence. While drinking one of my friends got an urgent call and had to leave, they both of them came together so both left. There was one addict sleeping in one alley, so they kept their bottles near to him and left. I was thinking what I should do now. The I thought better to go to my room. I took my bottle and made a move. As soon as I left Police came from behind in the car and started questioning. They asked who am I? I gave my wrong introduction and address. He asked, “Have you seen Lock-up”? I realized I’m in trouble but I didn’t panic. My half of trip was gone. One policeman came out of the rear window and. I simply kept my bottle on road and ran into alleys. One policeman was in the car and other had a little distance from me. Luckily they didn’t chase me or who knows if they did also because I was at full speed. When I was about to near my room, I thought I should bring that bottle and drink completely, But I realized the policemen didn’t chase me because they wanted it as all the wine shops were closed by that time.


Drinking, smoking are bad for health. 😊

This video clearly explains how these trips vary.